The Cuisine of Georgia
Eastern European Specialties & Wine
with Alison Tarwater


Monday 7/29
6:00 – 8:00

Aula Culinaria


Part of the Caucasus region, Georgia is sandwiched between the Black and Caspian Seas on the east and west, and the much bigger countries of Russia, Turkey and Iran to the north and south. While lesser known, it has an incredible culinary legacy to offer, including its origins as one of the world’s earliest sites for winemaking. In this class, we’ll learn to make some traditional staples of Georgian cuisine while sipping on Georgian wine. We’ll make a deliciously indulgent “Cheeseboat” (Khachapuri Adjaruli), a vegetable pate called Pkhali, and a ratatouille called Ajapsandali. You’ll see how the flavors from this region pull from the cultural influences of its neighboring countries and its own rich landscape of the region.