Iliana Regan
Instructional Cooking Class Series
2. Stocks, Sauces, Ramen, Mushroom Tea


Monday 1/8/2024
5:00 – 7:00

Culinary Classroom


Stock and sauce theories and ideas and a bonus mushroom tea tutorial.


Each class builds upon the next with the intention of helping people develop and understand the processes and to enhance their cooking intuition. Those who take the entire series of 8 classes receive a 10% discount.


Considered a pioneer of “new gatherer” forage-forward cuisine, chef and restaurateur Iliana Regan is best known for her renowned Chicago-based restaurant Elizabeth, which earned her Michelin stars six years running, as well as Food & Wine’s Best New Chef in 2016. Her menus are built around fresh, organic, seasonal ingredients gathered in the wild and acquired from local farmers and hunters. Her dishes have been called visually stunning, reflecting her inspirations from the natural world.


After three incredible cooking classes and a Launchpad Dinner at Ah Haa last November, Iliana returns to Telluride for a month-long residency this January. Join her in the Ah Haa kitchen each week for her instructional cooking class series each Sunday and Monday evening and for mutli-course tasting dinners each Friday and Saturday.