Intermediate-Advanced Fine Leather Binding
with Don Glaister


Thursday – Monday 10/12 – 10/23/2023
Full Day


American Academy of Bookbinding


This two-week class is designed to help students with varying experience levels in fine binding refine and review their techniques, develop more advanced and sophisticated ones and even invent new techniques. Emphasis will also be placed on binding design and design execution. Some more advanced techniques may be explored are elaborate woven headbands, edge gilding, gold, blind and painted tooling, inlays, and onlays of leather or other materials. Students will work independently on their projects, with close monitoring and guidance from the instructor. They will have an opportunity to explore various design concepts and decorative techniques, depending on their experience and expertise. Students are encouraged to use this class as an extensive fine-tuning of their forwarding techniques or to concentrate on a few or even one specific advanced technique.


Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Fine Leather Binding or equivalent experience in leather paring. This course may be repeated as needed or desired.


This course is taught through the American Academy of Bookbinding by Don Glaister and requires an application for new students or registration for returning students.