Clay Matters
Discussion with Goedele Vanhille


Saturday 10/21/2023
2:30 – 4:30


Ceramics Studio


These free, monthly get-togethers are a way for the local clay community to come together to support, encourage and grow in their exploration of all things clay. We will talk about what excites and draws us in about working with clay and our setbacks. We’ll discuss different clays and their properties, glaze, firing, the chemistry involved with glaze and firing, decoration, complex forms, additions to pieces and carving. We’ll share successful pieces and disasters, interesting discoveries, and other tidbits of know-how. Anyone who works with clay as a beginner or at an advanced level and people who have an interest in ceramics are invited to join the discussion.

This is an invitation to build an open-minded place for clay enthusiasts to meet and have conversations on Clay Matters.

Please note: This class is discussion-based and does not include making or glazing any new wares.


About the Instructor: 

Goedele Vanhille first touched clay as a 10-year-old and has been enchanted since. After finishing college in Belgium with a degree in ceramics, she attended the Tuscarora Pottery School in Nevada for a 4 month clay-intensive program under Dennis Parks.  Once back in Belgium, Goedele made functional clay work to be sold in shops around the country. She returned to Tuscarora for another summer of study, and then attended Paul Soldner’s special student program in Claremont, California during the spring semester.  Goedele moved to southwest Colorado, raised a family, and has maintained a ceramic studio. She makes functional wheel-thrown work under the moniker Yank and Flanders. In addition, she experiments with hand built pieces and thrown/altered sculptural work.  Forty-years later, Goedele still walks into the studio excited and feeling the same joy as when she first touched the material.