Culinary Night Out
Egyptian Journey Up the Nile Valley
with Alison Tarwater


Saturday 2/24/2023
6:00 – 8:00

Culinary Classroom


We’ve all heard about the ancient wonders of Egypt, the magnificent temples along the Nile, and mummies that have been preserved for millennia. But how much do you know about Egyptian cooking? The Nile’s journey North to the Mediterranean defines the cuisine of the people that build their homes around it. Those same banks that glisten with ancient marble are also home to fertile soil that has fed the Egyptian people with bounties of greens, grains and legumes for millennia. In this class, we’ll learn to make two traditional Egyptian classics, molokhia and koshari. These are dishes you would find in every Egyptian Grandma’s kitchen or lunch stall, food that feeds the stomach and the soul.