Painting Mixed Media Animals
with Kellie Day


Friday & Saturday  3/22-3/23/2024
10:00 – 4:00


Transformation Studio


Have you ever found your heart captivated by the enchanting gaze of an Elephant, the untamed spirit of a Buffalo, or the playful antics of a Fox? Perhaps you’ve marveled at the intricate details of a wise old owl’s feathers or dreamt of immortalizing its expression on canvas.When you connect with an animal, it’s a magnificent experience to witness them in a photo or film and especially in person. In this workshop, bring your animal loving heart and favorite photo and Kellie Day will guide you through capturing its spirit and character in a big bright, authentic artwork on canvas, that you can hang on your wall. Take it home and love your animal every day.


Local mixed media artist Kellie Day will walk you through the creative process, revealing the magic behind using vibrant color palettes, creating mesmerizing patterns, and must-have tips for a composition that pops. You’ll use playful mixed media techniques to create your furry critter with a loose, free personality that pleases. 


Whether your muse is an African Giraffe, or something as small as your favorite birdie, this workshop is an opportunity to break free from conventions and express your animal connection. Join us for this two-day event, immerse yourself in the joy of working on canvas, and discover the satisfaction of creating your own unique mixed media animal painting – to take home and hang on your wall!


About the Instructor

Kellie is an International Art Mentor, Mixed Media Painter, and Golden Paints Art Educator. She grew up in industrial towns in the Midwest. Visions of smoke stacks and college in the armpit of Indiana gave her a hard shove towards seeking beauty out west. A decade and a half of voraciously traveling the globe, climbing, and rangering for the U.S. Forest Service led her to settle in Ridgway, Colorado. Between her graphic design and painting studio, Kellie Day is a creative factory. ‘I would like it if every aspect of my day and life touched beauty.’ Kellie has a seven-year-old son, Chente, and two rescue dogs. She has created artwork for companies like Trader Joe’s and Alpinist Magazine and is an influencer for Art.com. Her work is collected in both private and corporate collections.