Afterschool Thursdays
Slip, Score & Throw!
Grades 3-6


Thursdays, 4/27 – 5/25/2023
3:30 – 5:30

Ceramics Studio


Learn the basics of making pottery, from handbuilt mugs to trying to throw on the wheel, and dive into more advanced sculpting techniques with us! Students will explore a variety of ceramics techniques including the pinch pot method, coil building, constructing with slabs, and “throwing” clay on the potter’s wheel.

A Colorado native, Jacey DePriest finds peace by living in the mountains and through getting her hands dirty. She has a love for things handmade and the process that goes into creating. She started to share her passion for ceramics and other mediums teaching both adults and children’s classes at Ah Haa in 2004, where she continues to teach today.