Inlay & Onlay Intensive
with Coleen Curry


Thursday – Monday 6/1-6/5/2023
All Day

American Academy of Bookbinding


The techniques in the class open real possibilities for creative work in contemporary decoration. Students will focus on several techniques, including inlay, onlay, incision, relief, and juxtaposition. Each student will prepare and work on two leather-covered plaquettes, following design patterns created by Coleen. Students will begin with simple exercises on the first plaquette that will lead to more complicated inlay designs as the week progresses. On the second plaquette, everyone will work on the same patterns but have options to choose different colors, materials, and techniques to render their interpretation and realize their own design. Using various materials such as metal, stone, leather, objects, students will learn new approaches to inlays. The methods taught are easily accessible to everyone and will lead to precision, finesse, and improved work quality. Students will come away from this class with a technical understanding of different techniques to stimulate individual creativity and help execute design ideas.


Prerequisites: Introduction to Bookbinding Level 2, or equivalent experience in basic leather paring.