6/15 – 6/16 Afternoons
Jewelry Self Expression
Ages 13-18


Thursday 6/15 – Friday 6/16
1:30 – 4:30

Curiosity Shop


Dive into the world of creativity with our Jewelry & Metal Sculpture Self-Expression class, designed for teens aged 13-18. Students will explore the artistic process of designing and fabricating their individual metal and/or jewelry creations using metal, solder, and basic hand tools. Under expert guidance, they will learn about tool handling, application, and metalsmithing techniques to add intriguing surface textures using a rolling mill, metal stamps, and more. This class is not just about making jewelry; it’s about expressing your artistic voice through wearable art and miniature sculptures. With no previous experience required and all materials and tools provided, students are encouraged to bring their ideas to life, whether that’s a delicate pendant, an abstract brooch, a bold ring, a unique sculpture, or something entirely original.