Link Structure
Sol Rebora


Thursday-Monday 6/22-6/26/2023
All Day

American Academy of Bookbinding


These two courses by Sol Rebora combine design and conservation concepts. The four structures presented over the two weeks incorporate reversible techniques for connecting the cover with the bookblock. Students will learn about the combination of different papers, leathers, and adhesives, as well as various techniques applied to these contemporary bookbinding structures.

The flexible cover “Link Structure” uses a tabbed link, enabling more than two books to be joined together. The technique can be used with books of different sizes and is reversible, allowing the individual books to be separated as stand-alone bindings. During this course, students will create the Link Structure for two volumes with a sewed block and leather covers.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Bookbinding level 2 or equivalent bookbinding experience. It is ideal for taking these two courses together. However, each can be taken individually.