6/27 – 6/29
Forage & Create:
Inks and Watercolors
with Kathy Green and Nancy Craft


Tuesday 6/27 – Thursday 6/29
10:00 – 4:00

Curiosity Shop


Join us for a unique experience in our Forage & Create class, where you’ll explore the natural world around you and learn to create beautiful inks and watercolors from locally sourced materials. This class will teach you the science behind making ink and watercolors from rocks, dirt, plants, and more.


Students will learn how to grind rocks with a mortar and pestle, with a rasp, and with a hammer, as well as how to mull and sift materials. This class will also cover how to make binders from scratch, as well as how to use store-bought ones. 


Join us for an unforgettable experience and learn to turn the world around you into a source of artistic inspiration!

All Materials Provided.
This class will partake in short foraging walks each day.
Students who have foraging experience are welcome to forage and collect materials ahead of class.