Rust, Indigo, and Tannins
with Kathy Green and Nancy Craft


Sunday 7/11 – Tuesday 7/13
10:00 – 4:00

Chuck’s Studio


Join us for our Rust, Indigo, and Tannins class, where you’ll learn to create stunning, organic dyes for fabric and paper. In this class, students will explore the unique properties of indigo, tannins, and rust/iron and learn how to use these materials to create various colors and patterns on cotton yardage and/or paper. Students will also be able to experiment with different shibori folds and twists to create unique designs and patterns.


This class is perfect for those interested in sustainable and organic materials, as well as for artists looking to add a new dimension to their work. Join us for an unforgettable experience and learn to create beautiful, natural dyes that are both eco-friendly and stunningly beautiful.


This class takes place off site at Chuck’s Studio. All materials provided.