Introduction to Bookbinding
with Lang Ingalls


Monday – Friday 12/11 – 12/15/2023
Full Day


Academia Americana de Encuadernación


This class is for you if you have never taken a bookbinding class before. This is a one-week class devoted to the fundamental building blocks of bookbinding; it is an introduction to binding books into paper and cloth covers.


Starting at the very beginning, students will learn about paper grain, cutting and folding, gathering and sewing a signature, and producing a Pamphlet Binding. From there, they will expand to multi-signature sewing and Case Binding. An introduction to the essential tools of the trade will be covered. Students will learn techniques and habits to prepare them to progress to the next level. They will also have acquired the skills to practice and explore bookbinding at home. The marvels of paper, the details of sewing, the characteristics of an attractive book cover, and more are taught in this class.


Classes generally run from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm with breaks during the day. Class times are negotiable and decided by the students and instructor at a Meet & Greet the evening before the first day of class.


This course is open to students with little or no prior bookbinding experience! This course is taught through the American Academy of Bookbinding by Lang Ingalls and requires an application for registration, first come first serve basis.