4/25 – 4/29
Introduction to Bookbinding Level 1
with Brenda Gallagher


Thursday – Monday 4/25-4/29/2024
Full Day

Academia Americana de Encuadernación


If you are new to bookbinding, this class is for you! This one-week class is an introduction to the fundamental building blocks of bookmaking. Each student gains an understanding of paper and paper grain, tearing and folding, cutting, gathering, and sewing. Best practices, posture, and essential aspects of materials are covered. The class begins with a simple Pamphlet Binding, expanding into Double-section Bindings and casework, and ending with various multi-signature Flatback Case Binding constructions.

The foundational considerations of design, tools, and materials are taught in this introductory course. The tools of bookbinding introduced in this class discuss variation and the option to try many styles toward a better understanding of use. Materials common to bookbinding are covered as well, with many opportunities to explore the variety of results they offer. The last part of the class discusses essential tools for a home studio in order for students to practice and explore the bookbinding skills they have developed.

No prerequisites are required for this course. It is open to students with little or no prior bookbinding experience.

Materials Fee $100

Registration will be completed via the American Academy of Bookbinding.