6/27 – 7/1
A Journal, A Photo Book
from Soft to Hard Cover
with Lang Ingalls


Thursday – Monday 6/27-7/1/2024
Full Day

Academia Americana de Encuadernación


This course is designed to introduce book covers as an essential consideration of bookbinding. While consistently emphasizing design choice, this course examines the argument for a soft cover use versus a hardcover use and how to achieve each. It is best suited to students who have completed Introduction to Bookbinding I or for those who have some prior experience with paper, multi-section sewing, and case binding. In this class, exploration is lateral, with students completing two binding structures during the week. Both books will be made with blank paper interiors and decorative paper covers.

The first book made in this class is a Journal with a soft cover. The structure will introduce the long-stitch technique of sewing multiple signatures through the cover. Alternatives to long-stitch sewing and various cover considerations will be shown and discussed. Students have an opportunity to choose decorative cover paper and design their long-stitch pattern to their liking.

The second book made in this class is a Photo Book, a sturdy hardcover book made to house photographs or inserted materials such as letters. Variations on the structure will be shown and discussed, such as the option of a Guest Book.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Bookbinding I or familiarity with multi-signature sewing and case binding, as well as the tools of bookbinding.

Materials fee $100

Registration will be completed via the American Academy of Bookbinding.