7/18 – 7/29
Fundamentals of Half-Leather Binding
con Peter Geraty


Thursday – Monday 7/18-7/29/2024
Full Day

Academia Americana de Encuadernación


This core course introduces students to half-leather bindings, a standard of the 19th-century trade shop. These binding features leather on the spine and corners, with a cloth or decorative paper on the remaining area of the cover boards of the book. Though initially developed as a less expensive leather binding, the half-leather binding is a craft of its own, offering a range of opportunities for design and alternative covering materials.

This binding style utilizes all the skills needed for a full-leather binding but doesn’t require a large amount of leather. The books are sewn on raised cords, laced in, and endbanded. In this class, students can try different tools and techniques for paring, including English and Swiss knives, spokeshaves, and the Schärfix. A particular emphasis is placed on paring leather and sharpening paring knives, along with proper forwarding techniques.

The finished product is a visually exciting book with a full-leather binding strength, still popular today. Students will complete at least one half-leather binding in this course.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Bookbinding Level 2 or equivalent experience (must be familiar with multi-signature sewing and case binding; some experience working with leather preferred).

This course is required for all diploma students.

Materials fee $150

Registration will be completed via the American Academy of Bookbinding.