7/25 – 7/29
Re•Treat Summer Series
Gordon Studer
Unveiling Composition in Acrylics


Thursday – Sunday 7/25 – 7/28/24
10:00 – 4:00

Monday 7/29/24
Optional Open Studio Day/Critique Day determined by the class

Tienda de curiosidades


This course is sold out, a waitlist is available contact maggie@ahhaa.org


Join us for this four-day workshop where we will help you cultivate a discerning eye and discover the hidden gems in your own artwork, including the art of creating dynamic compositions through multiples.


  1. Creating dynamic compositions through multiples: Explore the techniques of arranging, juxtaposing, and harmonizing different elements to create visually captivating and powerful compositions using multiple pieces.


  1. Building a strong foundation: Dive into techniques for creating a solid artistic base and experimenting with mixed media.


  1. Understanding value and color: Unleash the power of colors and shades to bring your art to life and create visually engaging compositions.


  1. Embracing creative flow: Break free from limitations and allow your art to flow effortlessly, setting the stage for compositions with multiple pieces.


  1. Making your mark: Master the art of expressive brushstrokes and unique mark-making techniques to add depth and character to your artwork.


  1. Developing an editor’s eye: Train yourself to recognize the strengths and highlights of your art, honing your ability to identify what works best.


  1. Achieving artistic satisfaction: Learn strategies for finishing your pieces and feeling a sense of fulfillment and confidence.


Whether you’re a novice or an experienced artist, this 4 day workshop is designed to refine your artistic vision, elevate your work to new heights, and unlock the creative possibilities that arise from creating compositions through multiples.


A required materials list will be provided. Class is limited to 10 students.

Cancellations received 45 or more days prior to the first day of class are eligible for a full refund less a $25 processing fee. There are no refunds (or credit) for cancellations received 44 or fewer days prior to the first day of class.


About the Artist

Gordon Studer’s earthy, confident abstracts are rooted in his discipline as an award-winning commercial illustrator, lending his work a strong, graphic cadence. The result speaks to liminal experience, interstitial time, and dreamscapes in deliberate forms in black atop a palette of ochre, sky blue, and crushed clays.


Having studied fine art at Penn State, he went on to teach at the California College of the Arts, and enjoyed a 25 year career telling visual stories for Fortune 500 corporate clients and major media outlets. His background is evident as he applies an intentionality to his paintings, delivering on a specific narrative, inviting the viewer to a purposeful encounter.


About Re•Treat


A transformative series of six unique, curated workshops, each dedicated to providing a rich exchange of ideas and skill enhancement. Workshops take place in the Ah Haa School for the Arts state-of-the-art Silver Jack building, a 10,000 square-foot, purpose-built arts center with enhanced studios and thoughtfully designed classrooms. Each workshop will run Thursday – Monday, with the final day (Monday) dedicated to open studio and critique time for the class to finish their work independently. In addition to an intimate learning experience and one-on-one focused time with our visiting artists, students will enjoy a seasonal supper with a local chef, the opportunity to take a private historic walking tour of beautiful Telluride, and discounted lodging at the Madeline Hotel Resort & Spa.


Re•treat gives the modern traveler a chance to reimagine, reengage, refocus and reinvigorate their art making practice along side renowned artists in an intimate classroom setting, surrounded by the stunning San Juan Mountains.


30% off with our lodging partner (provided at time of registration)

Seasonal Supper with a local chef in Ah Haa’s Culinary Classroom

Optional private historic walking tour