May As You Can
Culinary Night Out
Lebanese Feast with Alison Tarwater


Friday 5/17/2024
6:00 – 8:00

Aula Culinaria


Lebanon loves a party, whether it’s a big family dinner or an all-nighter in a Beirut club. The food of Lebanon also embodies this festivity: many snackable plates, easy to share, meant to be distributed a few bites a person across a big table. 

In this dinner we’ll make and share several Lebanese staples: Fattoush, a classic lebanese salad, Carrot-Tahini dip (a variant of hummus made with carrots, adapted from a popular Beirut cafe), bulgur/herb salad Tabbouleh, and Baked Kibbeh, a quintessential Lebanese meat dish. Then we’ll share in the bounty together


This class is part of May As You Can! Consider the regular class value of $75 and pay what you can at registration. Ah Haa values the culture of art within our community, supporting artists and giving everyone the opportunity to try something new! Thank you for participating!