HAHA Annual Fundraiser   July 19 – 21, 2024

Immersive Installation Opportunity – OPEN CALL
Are you the fearless artist ready to create an immersive art experience? 


The Ah Haa School for the Arts annual summer fundraiser, the Ah Haa HAHA is a participatory and interactive community event that is a massive, building-wide immersive art installation where each space within the Ah Haa Silverjack building is taken over by a different artist.


The HAHA encourages all featured artists and visitors to lose themselves in the creative process (and product). A building-wide exhibition where art is an experience shared by everyone and creativity and excitement collide, HAHA celebrates each artist’s vision, and encourages all visitors to actively engage with the art. Designed to be accessible to participants of all ages, this immersive experience takes place annually over 3 days in July with over 2,000 participants visit the HAHA each year.


Ah Haa School for the Arts is seeking artists, musicians, performers, designers, and creative thinkers of all backgrounds and abilities to propose work for our annual fundraiser/exhibition space, opening in 2024! We are committed to creating opportunities for a diverse group of makers to participate. HAHA is committed to supporting the creative freedom of local, national, and international artists. Ah Haa celebrates equity and inclusion and encourages all marginalized folkx to apply. Whether a single art piece, a full room installation, video and new media content, or a riveting story — we want to see it all. Show us your work and submit your brilliant ideas. We want to collaborate with you!

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Boundary Pushing Artists Shaking it up at HAHA!

Ah Haa HAHA strives to create a contemporary art event that is accessible, exciting and engaging for all participants. Ah Haa HAHA is co-curated by Ah Haa School for the Arts Exhibitions Manager Kris Kwasniewski and Events Manager Christin Marcos. Drawing on their individual professional and personal experiences to collaboratively shape HAHA, Kris and Christin conceptualized HAHA as an event that pushes the boundaries of our perception of what is possible.


HAHA artists are given logistical parameters, material stipend and creative carte blanche to design and implement an immersive experience that fully reflects their creative practice. HAHA ’23 selected artists have been featured by National Public Radio, The Los Angeles Times, TEDx, TAB, and in locations like The White House, community art centers and national and international museums.


Ah Haa’s mission is to create community and joy through art. HAHA artists are provided outreach opportunities within the town of Telluride. Free participatory events and making activities lead by HAHA artists give the community an outlet for expression and instill a since of place. Check out one of Illegal Art’s public art projects, Wash Away Your Fears linked here.

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Get Involved

Attending the annual Ah Haa HAHA, shopping the HAHA Gift Shop and making donations directly supports artists and provides critical funds giving access and opportunity for people of all ages to engage in creative experiences throughout the year.




Save the date July 19-21, 2024


The HAHA is the most exciting community event and fundraiser of the summer! This one-of-a-kind immersive artist takeover and art experience transforms Ah Haa into multiple interactive environments and participatory realms – all while supporting access and opportunity for the arts in our community. Your contribution, participation and support funds Ah Haa’s ability to provide high quality, affordable art experiences for people of all ages, year-round. 

The HAHA was phenomenal! This weekend is not to be missed 10/10!!!

~ Ashley Story