The Ah Haa HAHA Annual Fundraiser | July 14-16, 2023

Get ready for July 14-16, 2023!

The HAHA is a community art event unlike you’ve ever experienced! 

The HAHA is an immersive artist takeover of the new Ah Haa School for the Arts’ Silver Jack Building in the heart of Telluride. This multi-day celebration of creative chaos spotlights artists from around the globe and around the corner who will be creating new worlds within each classroom.

Get Involved


Attending the annual Ah Haa HAHA, shopping the HAHA Gift Shop and making donations directly supports artists and provides critical funds giving access and opportunity for people of all ages to engage in creative experiences throughout the year.

Kids 12-18 can join Ah Haa in the making of HAHA!
Sign up for the HAHA Installation Workshop July 10 & 11


The HAHA was phenomenal! This weekend is not to be missed 10/10!!!

~ Ashley Story