11/2 – 12/14 Thursdays
After School Grades 3-6
Slip, Score and Throw!


Thursdays from  11/2 – 12/14/2023
3:30 – 5:30

No class on 11/23/23


Ceramics Studio


Learn the basics of making pottery, from handbuilt mugs to trying to throw on the wheel, and dive into more advanced sculpting techniques with us! Students will explore a variety of ceramics techniques including the pinch pot method, coil building, constructing with slabs, and “throwing” clay on the potter’s wheel.


Please note: All ceramics projects need to be fired in a pottery kiln and take approximately 2+ weeks before they are ready to be taken home. You will receive an email once pieces are ready for pickup. If you will no longer be in Telluride, domestic shipping options are available via a third party, Ship It, Copy It. If you have not made arrangements with our Ceramics Director, Ah Haa will discard ceramics projects 30 days after the end of a class.


For those who need to have their pieces shipped domestically, please be sure to select this option during the registration process. The total cost for safely packaging and shipping your ceramics projects will be listed on the online registration page for each class. Take note that Ah Haa does not offer international shipping as a standard option.