4/24 – 5/22
May As You Can
Wednesdays After School
Grades 3-6
Contemporary Makers


Wednesdays 4/24/24, 5/1/24, 5/8/24, 5/15/24, 5/22/24
3:30 – 5:30


with instructor Lulu Priddy

Possibilities Classroom


In “Contemporary Makers” we will discover the fascinating world of Contemporary Art! While learning about famous artists, works, and museums, we will splatter giant canvases and paint with our eyes closed. This class will have students looking at art in a whole new way.


This class is part of May As You Can! Consider the regular class value of $225 and pay what you can at registration. Ah Haa values the culture of art within our community, supporting artists and giving everyone the opportunity to try something new! Thank you for participating!