8/29 – 9/2
A Simplified Binding
Sewn on Stubs
with Coleen Curry


Thursday – Monday 8/26-9/2/2024
Full Day

American Academy of Bookbinding


Originally designed by Hungarian conservator Sün Evrard in 1984, the Simplified Binding has the appearance of a fine binding yet is more flexible, opens beautifully, and offers a variety of possibilities for decoration. This class emphasizes best practices in conservation with the introduction of stubs, either sewn or tipped, in bookblock preparation, rounding but not backing the spine, and separate preparation of the spine piece and boards.

Unique to this structure are the sewing supports that lace through the spine carrier to provide both an adhesive and a mechanical attachment to the bookblock. Additionally, the leather spine piece is affixed to the bookblock endpapers and not the spine, allowing for easy opening and the option to title prior to assembling the binding. The boards are finely chamfered and shaped, with the covering material turned in on all four sides—this allows for various design modifications. Interior treatment includes a leather hinge and doublure work.

Demonstrations and discussions on various design considerations throughout the class will enable students to understand the advantages of this structure.

This course is designed to be taken with Suzanne Moore’s course Surface & Sequence which runs right before this course. You are not required to take Surface & Sequence to take this course. If you are only planning on taking this course, please let us know and we will send you the details on what to bring for binding with your own pages.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Bookbinding II or familiarity with multi-signature sewing and basic leatherwork.

Materials fee $100

Registration will be completed via the American Academy of Bookbinding.